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The records found on this website are from Connecticut towns and include only Marriage and Death Records. Some records are incomplete as information was taken from indexes rather than certificates. You may find some duplication of records because data is compiled from four different locations [residences of bride and groom, town in which marriage took place, and State records]. Also, some duplicates arise from spelling variations.

NOTE: Birth records are NOT included on this website.


Marriage records before 1890 do not generally include parents' names. The bride's father's surname is not included unless it is different [as in a re-marriage]. We have these records on a data base in order to sort, so the block for the father's surname is filled with the daughter's surname repeated. Thus, many of the father's surnames end in -ciute [maiden name].

Most older records required only one of the couple appear for the license, usually the groom. Apparently the grooms did not always have all of the information which should have been on the license. Often the bride's mother's maiden name is not listed.


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