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The names and research information below were abstracted from in the Chicago Ancestor File published by the Chicago Genealogy Society. This list includes individuals of Lithuanian descent born in Lithuania, Prussia, and Latvia .

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Appel, Belle b. 1900 Lithuania
Appel, David b. 1886 Lithuania
Appel, George J.
Appel, Goldie b. 1887 Lithuania
Appel, Jack b. 1902 Lithuania
Appel, Louis [Labe] b. 1838 Lithuania
Appel, Nettie b. 1889 Lithuania
Appel, Rose b. 1893 Lithuania
Appel, Sarah b. 1895 Lithuania
Apple, Isadore b. 1881 Lithuania
Arenovitz, Alice b. 1899 Lithuania

Balmes, Fredrich Wilhelm b. 1821 Prussia
Balmes, Peter b. 1850 Prussia
Beiriger, Peter 1837 Prussia [Also listed: Two Children Born in Chicago]
Bernhardt, Robert Hugo b. 1839 Prussia [Also Listed: Child Born in Chicago]
Berss, Hannah b. 1865 Lithuania
Berss, Ida b. 1884 Russia
Berss, Lena b. 1874 Russia
Berss, Louis [All four Berss were born to Binyamin Berss and Malka.]
Bettendorf, Mathias b. 1821 Prussia
Bianga, Antonia b. 1861 Prussia
Blum, Johann b. 1834 Prussia
Bochien, Friedrich C. b. 1837 Prussia
Boelter, Stephen b. 1823 Prussia
Boettcher, Wilhelmina b. 1837 Prussia
Bolz, Karl Charles b. 1852 Prussia
Brandenburg, Augusta L. b. 1849 Prussia
Breidenbach, Bernard b. 1823 Prussia
Bremer, Henry William b. 1814 Prussia
Bremer, William F. b. 1849 Prussia
Breuninger, John C. b. 1830 Prussia
Brokate, Hendrik August b. 1850 Prussia

Caplan, Jacob b. 1888 Lithuania
Caplan, Leib b. 1854 Lithuania [And 2 children Born in Poland]
Chipalov, Caroline b. 1868 Prussia
Conrad, Michael b. 1835 Prussia
Coset, Albert Louis b. 1857 Prussia
Cotton, Alberhause b. circa 1820 Lithuania
Cotton, Celia b. 1855 Russia
Cotton, Joseph b. circa 1863 Lithuania
Cotton, Rose b. 1861 Lithuania

Daemicke, Ferdinand b. 1815 Prussia
Daemicke, George b. 1846 Prussia
Daemicke, Herman T. b. 1845 Prussia
Daemicke, Lewis b. 1839 Prussia [Many Daemicke Family Members.]
Dartsch, Walter Albert b. 1844 Prussia
Delijonas, Mary, b. 1888 Lithuania, d. 1920 Chicago, m. Adam Thomas circa 1909 Chicago,
     Father: Ignac Delijonas, Mother Lived at 1800 S. Union from 1909-1920
Deutscher, Charles b. 1848 Prussia
Draeger, Samuel b. 1838 Prussia
Draus, Frank Paul b. 1865 Poland

Edelson, Louis Mendel b. 1875 Lithuania
Eilrich, Albert b. 1878 Prussia

Fichter, Nicholas b. 1836 Prussia
Friduss, Annie b. 1876 Lithuania
Friduss, Michael b. 1849 Lithuania

Gottlieb, Anna b. 1822 Prussia

Heiden, Henriette b. 1845 Prussia [Father's Name: Heyden)
Hilgher, Charles b. circa 1817 Prussia
Hoffmann, Karl August b. 1833 Prussia
Hoft, Louis b. 1826 Prussia

Inn, Henrietta b. 1844 Prussia

Israelovitch, Hirsch b. Latvia [m. circa 1855 in Chicago to Second Wife]

Jannusch, Henrietta b. 1853 Prussia
Janonis, Alexander b. 1892 Lithuania
Janonis, John b. 1885 Lithuania
Jilka, Frank b. 1866 Prussia [Most of Family Born in Poland]

Kaplan, Harold b. circa 1860 Lithuania [m. circa 1880 in LT. To Mary Miller]
Klein, Henry Peter b. 1844 Prussia
Klinger, John b. 1852 Prussia
Knop, Albert Friedrich b. 1857 Prussia
Knop, Karl b. 1852 Prussia
Knopp, Fred b. 1858 Prussia
Kohl, Adam b. circa 1836 Prussia
Kotlewski, Francis b. 1855 Prussia
rueger, Anna b. 1856 Prussia
Krueger, Maria Eliese b. 1847 Prussia
Krueger, Wilhelm b. 1841 Prussia
Kuckuk, Charlotte b. 1802 Prussia
Kuschel, August b. circa 1847 Prussia

Lanz, Charley b. 1868 Prussia
Laposki, Rose b. 1854 Lithuania
Lewanowicz, Jan b. 1882 Lithuania
Linde, Marie b. 1834 Prussia
Lorig, Anna b. 1837 Prussia
Lorig, Margaretha b. 1828 Prussia
Lorig, Mary b. 1830 Prussia
Lorig, Peter b. circa 1799 Prussia
Lott, Auguste b. 1827 Prussia
Lott, Charles G. b. 1833 Prussia
Lott, E. Robert b. circa 1838 Prussia
Lott, Ferdinand b. 1837 Prussia
Lott, Fredrick b. 1836 Prussia
Lott, Gotfried b. 1799 Prussia
Lott, Gustavus A. b. 1838 Prussia

Mach, August Michael b. 1858 Prussia
Mach, Frank b. 1850 Prussia
Mach, Jacob b. 1848 Prussia
Mark, Abraham b. circa 1850 Lithuania
Mark, Charles b. circa 1850 Lithuania
Mark, Etta b. 1856 Lithuania
Mark, George b. circa 1850 Lithuania
Mark, Meyer b. 1833 Lithuania
Marks, Frank b. 1849 Prussia
Marks, Samuel b. 1823 Prussia
Marszelski, Eleanor b. 1866 Prussia
Masepohl, Carl Frantz b. circa 1875 Prussia
Matthies, Richard W. b. 1861 Prussia
Mau, Caroline b. 1826 Prussia
Mau, Caroline b. 1845 Prussia
Mau, Minnie b. circa 1848 [No Place of Birth Given)
May, Anton b. Prussia [No Birth Date Given]
Meibrog, Sybrand Abben b. 1852 Prussia
Meiler, Margaretha b. 1840 Prussia
Meyerwitz, Mary b. circa 1820 Lithuania
Miller, Joseph Henry b. 1854 Lithuania [m. Celia Cotton, Father Lazer Miller]
Miller, Louis [Eleazer] b. circa 1820 Lithuania [Note: Non Resident)
Miller, Mary b. 1860 Lithuania
Miller, Nathan Meyer b. 1872 Lithuania

Nachtigall, Elise C. b. 1846 Prussia

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Phillips, Mary b. 1847 Prussia
Puch, Karl b. 1832 Prussia

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Radomskis, Peter b. circa 1891 Lithuania
Rateike, Julius b. 1851 Prussia
Rennack, Karl b. circa 1828 Prussia
Restein, Sylvia b. 1894 Latvia
Reuter, Henry b. 1829 Prussia
Roden, Bernhard b. circa 1821 Prussia
Roeder, John Jacob b. 1831 Prussia
Roeder, Michael b. 1835 Prussia
Ruekheim, Frederick W. b. 1846 Prussia

Schaefer, Dominek b. 1838 Prussia
Schmidt, Karl b. 1829 Prussia
Schroeder, Christian b. 1844 Prussia

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