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WAISVILAS Anton, b.1891 d.1957
WAISVILAS Mary, b.1901 d.1982

WAITKUS Frank [See WATKUS Frank], b.1913 d.1962

WAITULONIS Theresa, b.1872 d.1952
WAITULONIS Joseph, b.1880 d.1966
WAITULONIS John [See WHITE John], b.1910 d.1971

WANAGAS George, b.1860 d.1932
WANAGAS Paloni, b.1874 d.1926

WATKUS Frank [WAITKUS], b.1913 d.1962

WAUCHACKAS Magdaline, b.1887 d.1961
WAUCHACKAS Joseph W, b.1886 d.1960


WHITE Johh [WAITULONIS], b.1910 d.1971
WHITE Priscilla, b.1916 d.1987
WHITE Anthony E, b.1906 d.1977

WIENAZINDIS Domacielia Barbara, b.1875 d.1940
WIENAZINDIS Helen [CLEGG], b.1913 d.1984
WIENAZINDIS Charles A, b.1875 d.1942

WILKUINAS Steve, B.1895 d.1984

WILKUNAS Anna, b.1892 d.1967

WINGILA Charles, b.1884 d.1931
WINGILA Magdaline [GREGAITIS], b.1888 d.1935

WISGO William S, b.1894 d.1969, Pvt US Army WW I

WOOD Albert H, b.1907 d.1984
WOOD Frances P, b.1908

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