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To view the Lithuanian organizations in a particular country, simply click on the appropriate link below. If your organization is not listed or you need to update information for an organization, please click HERE to fill out our form.


United States of America



The Knights of Lithuania
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/3802/
National organization of Lithuanian Roman Catholic Men/Women and their spouses. Webpage includes original Christmas traditions and Christmas Receipes.

Lithuanian Folk Dance Group Ugnele
Website: http://www.ktl.mii.lt/ugnele/ugnele.html

The Auksuciai Foundation, Inc. (USA)
Auksuciu Fondas (JAV)
Website/svetaine: http://www.aukfoundation.org

501(c)(3) tax deductible, California non-profit-organization, created for assisting operations of small-scale farmers in Lithuania
Pelno nesiekianti organizacija, skirta Lietuvos smulkiuju ukininku gerbuvio pakelimui.

Email: sliupasvyt@earthlink.net or/arba ldclement@ucdavis.edu

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Arizona Chapter of Lithuanian-American Community
Website: http://www.lithaz.org/
President: Rimantas Vaitkus, vaitkus@lithaz.org
4751 E. Charles Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Phone: (480) 483-2418

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Archive of Aurinkas Dr. Jonas Liupas
Aurininko Dr. Jono liupo Archyvas

USA registered as non-profit organization, devoted to collecting old Lithuanian writings, memoirs, books, photos, manuscripts, etc. for preservation of overseas Lithuanian heritage and history.
JAV registruota pelno-nesiekianti organizacija, renkanti senus lietuvikus, istorines vertes memuarus, ratus, prisiminimus, knygas, fotografijas ir kt., kadie dokumentai nedingtu ateities kartoms.

2907 Frontera Way
Burlingame, CA 94010 USA
Email: sliupasvyt@earthlink.net

Los Angeles Chapter of The Knights of Lithuania Council #133


Los Angeles Lithuanian Community
Langas.com is a comprehensive source of information about the Los Angeles Lithuanian Community on the Internet.

Spindulys Visiems Labas
Calfornia based Lithuanian Folk song youth group. Schedule of events. of particular interest to those who live in Southern California.

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Lithuanian-American Community of Colorado
4189 W 97th Court
Westminster, Colorado 80030
Home Phone: 303-439-2089
Work Phone: 303-649-5583
Fax: 303-439-2091
President: Arvidas Jarasius
E-mail: arv_jarasius@agilent.com

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Lithuanian Club of Connecticut
Contact: Ed Sedgwick, Welcome Wagon
Email: csedgwick@snet.net

American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education: [A.P.P.L.E.]
Vaiva R. Vebra, Executive Director
Email: vrvebra@aol.com
P.O. Box 617
Durham, Connecticut 06422

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District of Columbia

American Folklife Center[Library of Congress]
Website: http://lcweb.loc.gov/folklife/states/maryland.html/

Washington Lithuanian-American Community
For further information, contact: RUTA
Email: RutaK@aol.com

Lithuanian Information Centre
Washington D.C.

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Georgia Chapter of the Lithuanian-American Community
Audrius Abrutis, President
Email: audriusa@yahoo.com
Phone: (706) 353-7124
Website: http://www.lietuviaiatlantoje.org

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Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture

Draugas Newspaper
Email: draugas@earthlink.net
4545 West 63rd Street
Chicago, Ilinois 60629
773-585-9500 [Fax: 773-585-8284

Website: http://www.lituanus.org/
47 W. Polk St. Suite 100-300
Chicago IL 60605
Quarterly journal on Lithuanian and Baltic topics in English

The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of America[LCCA]
Email: shestokas@aol.com

Vydunas Foundation
3001 W. 59th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60629

Youth Centre
5620 S. Claremont
Chicago, Ilinois 60636

Lithuanian World Community
Email: PLBValdyba@aol.com
14911 127th Street
Lemont, Illinois 60439
630-257-8714 [Fax: 630-257-9010]

Vyduno Fondas
Vydunas Youth Fund, Inc.
14911 127th Street
Lemont, Illinois 60439
Website : http://www.vydunofondas.com
e-mail : vyduno.fondas@sbcglobal.net

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Lietuvos Aidai
No longer exists

Lithuanian Club of Indianapolis
Contact: Mindaugas and Amy, Welcome Wagon
Email: minda@nhindy.com

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The Lithuanians of America
Contact: Kathy Hazlewood
Email: khazlewo@kumc.edu
The Lithuanians of America is based in Kansas City, Kansas. Membership is $10 for a family or $7 for a single person, and includes a quarterly newsletter.

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Baltimore Lithuanian Athletic Club
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/5224/
Baltimore, Maryland

Washington Lithuanian-American Community
For further information, contact: RUTA
Email: RutaK@aol.com

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Amerikos Lietuviu Inzinieriu Ir Architektu Sajunga
Sekretorius Vytautas SUZIEDELIS
Email: VytasS@aol.com
72 Highfields Road
Abington, Massachusetts 02351

American Lithuanian Naturalization Club
Email: lithuanianclub@athol.net
South Street
Athol, Massachusetts 01331

Amerikos Lietuviu Inzinieriu ir Architektu Sajunga (ALIAS)
BOSTONO skyrius

Pirmininkas Romas RUDIS
Email: rudis@intrinsix.com
5 Piccadilly Way
Westboro, Massachusetts 01581
Phone: 508-898-3030

Sekretorius Vytautas SUZIEDELIS
Email: VytasS@aol.com
72 Highfields Road
Abington, Massachusetts 02351
Phone: 781-982-0765

Grand Duke of Lithuania Club [D.L.K.V.]
Established in 1920
Mission Statement: To assist Lithuanians in maintaining
and teaching culture in this America.
Contact: Jon Perednis, Manager
Email: Jonboy1924@aol.com
447 Central St.
Lowell, Massachusetts 01826

Amerikos Lietuviu Inzinieriu ir Architektu Sajunga (ALIAS)
Pirmininkas Romas RUDIS
Email: rudis@intrinsix.com
5 Piccadilly Way
Westboro, Massachusetts 01581

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Detroit Lithuanian Fellowship Club
Detroit, Michigan
Contact: Valerie, Welcome Wagon
Email: Sesii01@aol.com

Grand Rapids:
World Lithuanian Community Board
Chairman Vytautas Kamantas
Email: Kamantas@aol.com
1107 Pinewood Drive NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49544-7969
616-791-7333 [Fax: 616-791-7888]

Lithuanian World Community Foundation
P.O. Box140796
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49514-0796
616-791-7333 [Fax: 616-791-7888]

Lithuanian-American Community of Grand Rapids
1107 Pinewood Drive NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-7969
Contact: Grazina Kamantas
616-791-7333 [Fax 616-791-7888]
Email: Kamantas@aol.com

Vytautas Aid Society (Active for 97 years)
1300 Hamilton Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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The Lithuanian-American Community of Minnesota
Kestutis Tautvydas, Vice-President
8182 Hidden Bay Tr.
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
Work: 736-1519
Home: 779-6562
Fax: 733-8984

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Ausrele Sakalaite, President of Lithuanian Women's Club
Email: sakalas@tconl.com

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New Jersey

Lithuanian Community Center of Luncheons
6 Davis Avenue
Kearny, N. J. 07032
Contact: Eleanor Rokas
E-Mail: Danzi_Rokas@email.msn.com
Also: Val Melinis at 732-836-1158

Lithuanian/American food served in a cabaret style mode. Affordable. Children welcome. Great place to meet with other Lithuanians. If you have any talent [musical or otherwise], we will be happy to showcase it for you. Beautiful ballroom setting. Luncheons Noon to 4 P.M: SECOND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH.

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New York

Lithuanian-American Community
Website: http://members.aol.com/LithNY/
New York District
A "one-stop shopping" web-site for information about Lithuanian-American organizations and events in the New York area. Includes Calendar of Events and a "Lithuanian American Guide to New York."

Knygos Lietuvai [Lithuanian Catholic Religious Subsidy]
351 Highland Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11207

New York:
Lithuanian Information Center

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Baltimore Lithuanian Athletic Club
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/5224

DIRVA [Newsletter]
P.O. Box 19191
Cleveland, OH 44119
216-531-8150 [Fax: 216-531-8428]

The Lithuanian Community of Cleveland
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/8441

TAUPA [Lithuanian Credit Union]
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/8120/ads/taupa.html

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Knights of Lithuania Council #144
Amber District [Schuylkill County]
St. Casimir's Church Hall
St. Clair, Pennsylvania
Meetings last Sunday of the month
Contact Bernice Mikatavage for additional information.
Email: bermika@pottsville.ini.net

Lithuanian Museum and Cultural Center
37 South Broad Mountain Avenue
Frackville, Pennsylvania 17931
Open by Appointment
Contact E. Vaicaitis at 717-874-1695 for additional information.
[Sponsored by Knights of Lithuania C-144]

Lithuanian Women's Club of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Promotes Lithuanian Heritage, provides scholarships, etc.
Chartered 1937
Meeting second Tuesday each month
Contact M. Valinsky at 717-622-1480 for additional information.

The Lithuanian Community of Philadelphia
Website: http://www.amberroots.org/
We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at:
The Lithuanian Music Hall
2715 E. Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Keep current on Lithuanian American Community events, sing Lithuanian folk songs! Everyone invited.

Lithuanian Friendship Club, Knights of Lithuania
Contact: Robert Medonis,
Email: rmedonis@yahoo.com
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Lithuanian Citizens' Society of Western Pennsylvania
Website: http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/lithcitizenssociety/
Director: John Baltrus
Email: baltru19@sgi.net
1725 Jane Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

The Voice of the Lithuanian Community
Every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, tune your radio to WTEL 860 AM for The Voice of the Lithaunian Community. There is a half hour broadcast in the Lithuanian Language announcing events in the Philadelphia area. Stay tuned!

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Falls Church:
USA Lithuanian Youth Union
7766 Trevino Lane
Falls Church, Virginia 22043

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Lithuanian-American Community of Washington State
Website: http://www.javlb.org/seattle

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